It is a muscular conduit which extends from the urinary bladder to the outside, for expelling urine out of the body. It’s length is much smaller in females, while much longer in males. It is surrounded in the region of the sphincter by a muscle, which controls when does the subject pass urine and when does he or she controls urine.

The urethra can be affected by strictures (narrowing), stones, malignancy (cancer), infection or congenital defects ( defects present since birth).

Urethra Disease Symptoms

Symptoms of obstructive urination

  • Bleeding per urethra
  • Burning in Urethra while passing urine

Urological Services offered for Urethral Diseases:

  • Cystoscopy
  • Cystoscopy with Visual Internal Uretrotomy- by both Laser and Cold Knofe
  • Open Urethroplasty for recurrent or dense urethral stricture disease, using Buccal Mucosa, lingual mucosa or local tissue
  • Urethroplasty requiring resection and anastomosis, especially in post-traumatic urethral strictures